Dead Island: Survivors




A new Dead Island installment for Android


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Dead Island: Survivors needs no introduction for anyone who enjoys playing a good console Hack n' Slash. But this time around Techland Studios made the jump onto your smartphone for easy playing anywhere you go. Not without its novelties, Dead Island: Survivors is a hybrid, part Hack n' Slash, part Tower Defense where strategy is key.

Throughout you'll be unlocking access to tropical paradise islands swarming with zombies. With several mission types to choose from, you'll find the main appeal here is defending your base camp to protect survivors of the zombie infestation. There's really only one way to survive here: annihilating zombies via quick swiping action. At times, you'll face survivor recovery missions running through each scene slashing zombies as you go to rescue stranded survivors and take them back to base camp.

As you surpass each challenge, you unlock new crates with provisions: tools for building up your fort and in-game money to buy upgrades, along with collectible items. In that sense, Dead Island: Survivors is a collectible game of sorts where you catalog each of your upgrade cards in order to beat each level.

Dead Island: Survivors is a unique new ensemble of elements that brings the whole 'tropical island zombie infestation theme' to life on Android—with a noteworthy twist. Despite keeping to the same theme, gameplay is completely different from previous installments in this saga.
By Erika Okumura

Android 5.0 or higher needed.